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To do a word search in the Archive Web Portal:

  1. Enter the phrase in the search field near the top of the screen and hit return
  2. Click on the file you want to search
  3. Place cursor in the transcript in the window that appears near the bottom of the screen
  4. Hit command-F (on Mac) on your keyboard (or whatever the Find command is for your system)
  5. Enter the phrase you want to search for in the window on the lower left of your screen for FireFox, upper right for Safari, upper right for Chrome
  6. The phrase will be highlighted in the transcript window

The Archive Web Portal, which is in development, currently provides free selected public access to a significant amount of the material contained in The Gelek Rimpoche Archive including:

  • 3400 hours audio and or video teachings which can be streamed 
  • Verbatim transcripts in raw form transcribed by Jewel Heart transcribers which have not been checked or edited but are made available as a helpful tool to read along with many of the teachings
  • Word search capacity for the teachings and transcripts 

We will be strengthening The Gelek Rimpoche Archive Web Portal as we test it, adding to it over time, and officially launching the Web Portal in the near future. 

Jewel Heart welcomes your support to maintain and further develop this Archive.