Structure and Tax Status
The Gelek Rimpoche Foundation (Foundation), a not for profit foundation established under Delaware law and recognized in the US as a tax exempt private operating foundation under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and applicable regulations, was established after Rimpoche’s death to hold, protect, present, preserve, distribute and develop Gelek Rimpoche’s Archive (The Gelek Rimpoche Archive) for the benefit of humanity.

Jewel Heart Corp. (Jewel Heart), a not for profit Michigan ecclasiastical organization recognized in the US as tax exempt under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is the organization that was set up in the United States to serve as a platform for Gelek Rimpoche and his work to preserve and  present authentic Tibetan Buddhism. 

Jewel Heart is the administrator and licensee of The Gelek Rimpoche Archive and this Web Portal.

Copyright and Trademark Notice
Unless otherwise specifically stated, The Gelek Rimpoche Foundation is the copyright owner of all materials on this Web Portal and The Gelek Rimpoche Archive, and Jewel Heart is the administrator and licensee of these materials.  

The Gelek Rimpoche Archive marks and logo and Jewel Heart marks and logos are trademarks owned by The Gelek Rimpoche Foundation, and other than Jewel Heart who administers and licenses these, third parties may not use these logos or marks without the permission of Jewel Heart as administrator. 

Jewel Heart welcomes your support to maintain and further develop this Archive.

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